Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia vs Typhoid Maria

Ignis L. - What I find interesting, is that the very two viruses we don't want to mix into a new super virus, share a similarity. The dates in which both the people in these stories was admitted into the hospital was April 8th. Typhoid Maria was admitted in 2009, and an 8-year old female from West Jakarta district. Scary...
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Mysterious markings discovered at Great Pyramid of Giza

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Japan Earthquake Was 'In the Air' Days Before, Scientist Claims

"The research has not yet been published in an academic journal or reviewed by other scientists, but it could offer an intriguing possibility for earthquake prediction — though the day scientists are able to forecast earthquakes is still "far away,"

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Ignis L. - "far away"?? Are you serious??

Northern Lights Appeared in the U.S. Again

"NORTHERN LIGHTS: A solar wind stream that hit Earth's magnetic field during the weekend sent Northern Lights spilling over the Canadian border into the USA. "Magnificent May Day auroras lit up the night sky over Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, on May 1st and into the wee morning hours of May 2nd," reports Tony Wilder. "They shimmered and flickered and waved from the bottom up as green swirls danced from left to right." Northern Lights were also spotted over Lake Superior in Michigan." Read Story....